Gifted & Talented Institute at RVCC

Small Hands Project

Please join us for an exciting summer designed for accelerated learners. These courses will afford your gifted learner the opportunity to be creative, think critically, explore several areas of interest, and meet other children with the same interests. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the History of Numbers, read Multicultural Literature, be exposed to Statistics, and learn about the different genres of writing.

Prerequisite: Students must score advanced proficient on the most recent state assessments or score in the 95th percentile on a tested area of the standardized tests administered by their schools, i.e., Terra Novas, Iowas, CATS, SRAs, etc. In addition, students who have been identified as academically gifted by their school districts have the opportunity to apply. Scores must be accompanied with a letter of recommendation from school principal, guidance counselor, or current Math/ Language Arts Teacher.


math whiz kidAn Introduction to Algebraic Concepts Ages 10-12

This course will introduce students to number patterns, order of operation, algebraic expressions and equations. The modeling of integer, solving multi-step equations, and the graphing of linear equations will be covered. Furthermore, students will explore basic number theory including factoring, powers and exponents, and scientific notation.

CRN YE168-01 10 sessions
Mon-Fri July 22-Aug 2 1:00-4:00pm
Course Fee $275 ($260 tuition, $15 reg)



reading1Word Origins for Standardized Test Success Ages 10-12
(For students taking SSAT, PSAT, or NJ ASK exams)

The etymology of words is a fascinating study in unlocking the complexities of linguistic relationships. This class will improve your vocabulary and understanding of word origins. You’ll have the chance to practice taking sample tests, learn test-taking tactics, and improve your verbal confidence. You’ll employ your new vocabulary as you practice writing for the current SSAT/PSAT writing component.

CRN YE169-01 10 sessions
Mon-Fri July 22-Aug 2 9:00am-12:00pm
Course Fee $275 ($260 tuition, $15 reg)