Tutoring & Enrichment Courses


Eldridge Overton Saturday Enrichment Courses

Make a difference in your child’s life with our Saturday Enrichment Courses, held at our Green Brook Center. The courses range in topics from math to language arts to leadership so there is something for the interests of every student. The courses are based off of our innovative teaching techniques  that incorporate both the interests of the child as well as their individual needs. Classes are small and personal, allowing for the maximum amount of attention to be given to each student. Instructors are certified teachers, and are experienced in the classroom as well as a one-on-one teacher to student setting.

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Eldridge Overton Small Group and Individual Tutorial Programs


Our tutoring sessions focus on enhancing your child’s study skills, as well as giving them a more thorough understanding of the material. Our methods help our clients through their studying and thought process, so that they can better understand difficult material in the future. Approaching the process with a cognitive method tailored for better learning for your child, we give him or her the skills to walk away from our tutoring sessions with a better grasp of the material and more confidence in his or her ability to learn.

Some other tutoring methods focus on memorization, which may be a functional method for the short term. This method of memorization is often called “teaching to the test” and is only effective for a short period of time. Our methods focus on the long-term memory, and the development of learning skills that will carry through the student’s life, and allow them more academic freedom and confidence in their own abilities.

Our tutoring system also focuses on the use of manipulatives and differentiated instruction to further individualize the learning process. This allows the student to apply these methods to the world around them, while also thinking through processes logically on pen and paper.


Parents are given a weekly comprehensive report of their student’s success. In order for a parents to be kept aware of their student’s academic success, they need to be given updates frequently. A parent’s awareness of his or her student’s academic progress makes a big difference in the education of the student.

Small Group Tutoring
Small group tutoring will be held at our new Green Brook Learning Center starting September 2013.
Green Brook small group tutorial hours:
  • Monday – Friday - 2:30 PM – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday- 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM

We offer small group tutoring sessions in math, reading, writing, study skills and standardized test prep. Clients purchase tutoring packages and drop in weekly at their convenience.  We don’t require long-term contracts.  Simply pay in 1, 3, 6  or 12 month increments.  The more you buy at the time of purchase, the more you save.  The discount is non-transferrable.


  • Math Tutorial Program (Drop in 2x per week – 60 mins)
  • Reading Tutorial Program (Drop in 2x per week – 60 mins)
  • Writing Tutorial Program (Drop in 2x per week – 60 mins)
  • Study Skills (Drop in 2x per week – 60 mins)
  • Standardized Test Preparation (Drop in 2x per week – 60 mins)


Grades K-8 Homework Assistance Drop-In Program

Not looking for a traditional tutoring program?  Purchase passes for our homework assistance drop in program and come to our center during drop in hours and receive assistance  with homework, class work, or any other type of academic assignment.  Drop in sessions occur between 3 PM and 6 PM, Monday through Friday. Our clients are tutored and assisted by certified teachers with years of experience.

  • K-8 Homework Assistance Drop-In Program (A purchase minimum of  at least 10 passes required)
  • (1 hour sessions) – Assistance with homework, study for tests, prepare for projects/speeches, etc.
Grades 9-12 Homework Assistance Program
  • 9-12 Homework Assistance  Program (A purchase minimum of  at least 10 passes and reservations required)
  • (1 hour sessions) – Assistance with homework, study for tests, prepare for projects/speeches, etc.

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Eldridge Overton  Individual Tutorial Program (held at the location of your convenience)

Students who participate in a strong tutorial program earn better grades, demonstrate higher levels of self-esteem and are more likely to enjoy school. A highly-qualified tutor that specializes in the subject of choice will tutor your child at a time and location that is convenient for the family. Some of our private courses include: